HOLY  NAME FAITH  FORMATION: Registration Packets
have been mailed out.  If you had a child registered in Faith Formation last year and did not 
receive  a packet  in the mail, please contact Patrick McNabb at the Faith Formation Office  
(508-678-7532),  so  one  can  be  mailed  to  you.

Parents of students entering Grades 1 or 8 IN ANY SCHOOL  (Catholic, Public, or Private), if you 
did not receive   a   registration   packet,   need   to   contact   Patrick McNabb to have their 
child(ren) placed into the mailing database so they can be registered in the Faith Formation 
Program to begin a TWO-YEAR  preparation program for First Penance/First Eucharist and Confirmation 

WELCOME  to  Mr.  Patrick  McNabb  who  is  our  new Director of Faith Formation/Youth Ministry.  
He is settling into his new ministry with us and his Office is located at our parish school.  The 
Faith Formation Office number is 508-678-7532. His e-mail is faithformation@holynamefr.com 

STUDENTS ENTERING  GRADE 2 & 9 this coming school year must continue to sign in each week at Mass 
or bring a copy of the bulletin, signed by the priest, from the parish where  they  attended  Mass  
on  Sat.  afternoon  or  Sunday. These need to be brought to Patrick McNabb at the Faith Formation 
Office located at our school.

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Holy Name Parish is a Eucharistic Family of Faith, united with Catholic people throughout the world. Nourished by Word and Sacrament, we strive to help each member grow in their Faith. We seek to imitate Christ by assisting others in their spiritual and material needs, as we journey toward achieving our ultimate goal of eternal life


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