Liturgical Participation
    Holy Name offers many opportunities for its parishioners to serve and participate in the liturgy,
    especially in the Mass, which is the center of our parish life.
‣ Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
    ‣ This ministry involves distributing Holy Communion to our brothers and sisters at Mass.
    We also distribute Holy Communion to those who are homebound or live in nearby
    nursing homes.
‣ Lectors
    ‣ This ministry is open to those who are willing to proclaim the Word of God to their
      brothers and sisters at Mass on the weekend and/or during the week.
‣ Altar Servers (Youth and Adult)
    ‣ Any boy, girl, or adult who has received Holy Communion, is invited to become an altar
    server. By attending training sessions, servers learn to assist at Sunday Mass and other
    liturgical celebrations.
‣ Choir (Youth and Adult)
    ‣ Our Adult Choir sings at our 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday (September through June) and
    on major feast days. Our Children’s Choir sings at special liturgical celebrations
    throughout the year. We welcome new members.
    ‣ Director: Erik Thompson, Director of Music Ministry
    ‣ Contact: 508-361-4288, or
‣ Children’s Liturgy
    ‣ Each Sunday at the 8:30 a.m. Mass (or 10:30 a.m. during June, July, and August), our
    young children are invited to go with adult volunteers to the church sacristy (on the left
    side of the Sanctuary) where they hear the Scripture Readings in language that is
    understandable for them and have their own experience of hearing the Word of God.
    ‣ Director: Michael Farias
    ‣ Contact: 508-558-3134, or
‣ Mass Greeters, Ushers, and Collectors
    ‣ This ministry is carried out at all weekend Masses and Holy Days of Obligation.
    Greeters welcome people to Mass, help answer any questions they may have, and pass
    the collection baskets during Mass.

Sacramental Life and Faith Formation
    There are many ways in which Holy Name Parish offers opportunities for parishioners of all ages
    to grow in their faith and spiritual lives.
‣ Faith Formation
    ‣ The Faith Formation Program supports our parish families in raising their children in our
   shared Catholic faith. Classes for Grades 1-7 meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am
    until 11:00 am, and classes for Grades 8 and 9 meet on Sunday evenings from 6:00 pm
    until 7:15 pm. They begin each year in mid-September and run until early April. In
   addition to supporting the ongoing faith development of our parish's children, the Faith
    Formation Program helps our young people to prepare for the sacraments of Penance and
    the Holy Eucharist during their first and second grade years, and for the sacrament of
    Confirmation during their eighth and ninth grade years. We encourage all parish families
    with children in Grades 1-9 who have not begun participating in Faith Formation classes
    to contact the Faith Formation Office to help your child register for the program. We
    welcome parishioners who are knowledgeable and passionate about their faith to
    volunteer as teachers in our program.
    ‣ Director: Faith Formation Office
    ‣ Contact: 401-556-9729, or
    ‣ Classes are available for adults (18 or older) who have not yet been baptized, or received
    First Holy Communion or Confirmation. Interested persons can prepare to receive some
    or all of these Sacraments.
‣ Adult Faith Formation
    ‣ The Church's catechetical mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in
    Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the Gospel. To that end, our Parish
    offers Faith Formation programs geared toward adults to help them understand their faith
    in a deeper way. Our director of Faith Formation offers courses twice a year, in the fall
    and spring, which are geared toward the study of the Scriptures, the Church's Dogma and
    Teachings, and the Sacraments.
    ‣ Director: Faith Formation Office
    ‣ Contact:
401-556-9729, or
‣ Youth Group
    ‣ The youth group is open to all students in Grades 6-12. It is a community of faith for
    our middle and high school students where they are allowed and encouraged to grow in
    their relationship with God. We generally meet once per month during the school year,
    with meeting topics changing each month and rotating between a focus on fun, prayer, or
    service. Please consider coming out to a meeting!
    ‣ Director: Faith Formation Office
    ‣ Contact: 401-556-9729, or
‣ Vocations Committee
    ‣ The Vocations Committee meets regularly to discuss and plan parish activities and
    programs to increase vocations to the priesthood, consecrated religious life, matrimony,
    and dedicated single life. New members are welcome.
    ‣ Director: Donna Costa
    ‣ Contact:
‣ Vacation Bible Camp
    ‣ A faith-based, half day camp is held for one week during the summer for children ages
    five through ten. The sessions consist of fun-filled stories, song and dance, videos,
    games, and hands-on activities to help children grow in their faith.
    ‣ Director: Faith Formation office
    ‣ Contact: 401-556-9729
‣ Baptismal Preparation
    ‣ Parents wishing to have their child baptized should contact the Pastor for an
‣ Marriage Preparation
    ‣ Parishioners wishing to be married at Holy Name must contact the Parish Office at least
    eight months before the date of the wedding. Marriage preparation classes are held in
    various locations throughout the Diocese.
‣ Anointing of the Sick
    ‣ If you or a family member/friend is seriously ill, and would like to receive the
    Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, please call the Parish Office.
‣ Lighthouse CDs
    ‣ CDs on a variety of topics related to our Catholic faith are available at the entrance of
    the church and chapel (for a $3.00 donation). If you have an interest in a particular topic,
    requests are welcome.
    ‣ Director: Paul Doiron
    ‣ Contact: 508-675-0405
Service Opportunities
    Holy Name Parish strives to be active in the local community, giving time, talent, and treasure to
    serve others in need.
‣ St. Vincent de Paul Society
    ‣ The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization of lay
    persons, founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam. Under the patronage of St. Vincent de
    Paul, members of the Society seek to bring material and spiritual assistance to people in
    need on the local level. The Society is open to men and women of the parish who wish
    to help meet the needs of others.
     Meetings are held once a month at the Parish Center on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (except July & August), .
    ‣ Conference President: Michael Duarte
    ‣ Contact:
‣ Knights of Columbus
    ‣ The Knights of Columbus was initiated in New Haven, Connecticut in 1882 by Fr.
    Michael McGivney. It began as a benefit society to working-class and immigrant
    Catholics and later became a fraternal benefit society dedicated to charitable services,
    defending Catholicism, and promoting Catholic Education. The mission of Holy Name’s
    Knights of Columbus, Council #86 is to be a benefit society dedicated to the needs of
    Holy Name and the community centered on Catholicism. Their meetings will be held at
    7:00 PM in the Parish Center on the third Tuesday of each month. The Knights welcome
    all men 18 years and older.
    ‣ Parish Representative: David Pacheco
    ‣ Contact: 774-888-7293, or
‣ Food Pantry
    ‣ Parishioners are encouraged to donate non-perishable food items in the baskets at the
    entrances of the church each week when they attend Mass. Donations are transported to
    the Sacred Heart Food Pantry at the former St. Bernadette’s Parish. The pantry is
    managed by volunteers, many of whom are Holy Name parishioners. It is open on
    Mondays from 4:00-5:00 for needy members of the community to come to receive food.
    Volunteers are always needed for this important work.
Respect Life Committee
    ‣The Holy Name Respect for Life Committee is committed to the

      promotion of the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

      We believe that all humans, including the unborn, are made in the
      image and likeness of God and have inherent dignity.  This dignity
      is threatened in today's world by abortion, the death penalty,
      euthanasia, poverty, discrimination, and violence.  We intend to
      promote the sanctity of life through prayer, raising awareness, and
      service to the community in collaboration with other pro-life advocates.
      Contact:  Michelle Sylvaria (774-888-7590)

‣ Prayer Line
    ‣ Prayer is an essential component of our Faith. We are blessed to have people willing and
    able to pray for those who are in need. If you are willing to offer prayers each day for
    the people on our prayer line, please call Donna. If you have a person whom you would
    like to add to our Prayer Line, please call Pat, Debbie or Nancy.
    ‣ Director: Donna Masterson
    ‣ Contacts: Donna (508-676-0412), Pat (508-678-1766), Debbie (508-789-9217), or
    Nancy (508-567-6556)
‣ Parish Nurses
    ‣ Our parish nurses provide free blood pressure and pulse checks once a month after all
    the weekend Masses. Any registered nurse interested in volunteering to be part of our
    Parish Nurse Ministry is asked to call the director.
    ‣ Director: Gerry Silvia
    ‣ Contact: 508-676-0426
‣ Prayer Shawl Ministry
    ‣ The Prayer Shawl Ministry consists of people who knit or crochet shawls and/or small
    blankets that can be given to people who live in nursing homes or who live in their own
    homes, but are not able to join us each week for Mass due to health reasons. The
    members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry do this work in their own homes. The shawls are
    blessed at Mass and distributed through our Ministry to the Sick. Blessed prayer shawls
    are also available to parishioners by calling the Parish Office.
    ‣ Director: Donna Masterson
    ‣ Contact: 508-676-0412
‣ Baptismal Shawl and Gown Ministry
    ‣ Parishioners knit or crochet small Baptismal shawls from a selected pattern which is
    provided. Experienced sewers make Baptismal gowns from a pattern and materials that
    are provided. Both shawls and gowns are given to the families of babies baptized here at
    Holy Name.
    ‣ Director: Jackie Thran
    ‣ Contact: 508-673-2725
Community Growth
    Holy Name is a parish family, built upon strong bonds and communal events. Athletic and social
    activities provide opportunities for parishioners to come together in different ways.
‣ Holy Name Harvest Festival
    ‣ This annual fall Parish Festival is a major fundraiser for our school. It is a day of celebration
    filled with food, fun, and entertainment. It takes many volunteers for this day to be successful.
    ‣ Directors: Varies each year
    ‣ Contact: 508-674-9131, or
‣ C.Y.O. Futsal/Basketball
    ‣ Students in Kindergarten and above may register for futsal. Students in grade 4 and
    above may register for CYO basketball. Registration takes place in September and
    October. We are always in need of adult coaches.
    ‣ Director: Paul Doiron (basketball), Holy Name School office (futsal)
    ‣ Contact: Paul (508-675-0405), HNS office (508-674-9131)
Prayer Opportunities
    Parishioners are encouraged to enhance their faith by practicing personal prayer, and taking
    advantage of the various opportunities offered by the parish.
‣ Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
    ‣ The Our Lady of Grace Chapel (separate entrance on right side of the Church) is open
    Monday – Friday for Adoration from after the 7:00 a.m. Mass until 9:00 p.m.
‣ The Rosary
    ‣ The Rosary is prayed after daily Mass, Monday through Saturday. If you would be
    willing to help lead the Rosary, please call the director.
    ‣ Director: Don Rogers
    ‣ Contact: (508) 673-7842
‣ Holy Hour
    ‣ A weekly holy hour is held on Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00 (except on Monday
    holidays). The Rosary, Miraculous Medal Novena, and Benediction of the Blessed
    Sacrament are included in this hour.
‣ Vocation Prayer Cross Ministry
    ‣ The Vocation Prayer Cross is taken home each week, along with a prayer book, by
    volunteers who offer prayers to increase vocations to the priesthood, consecrated
    religious life, matrimony, and the dedicated single life.
    ‣ Director: Donna Costa
    ‣ Contact: 774-644-5878
Administrative and Financial Positions
    Strong, confident, and open leaders are necessary for the maintenance and growth of Holy Name
    Parish. There are several opportunities in which a person can serve as a leader using their
    particular gifts and talents.
‣ Parish Pastoral Council
    ‣ The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to offer the Pastor the wisdom of the parish
    family. Members accomplish this by discerning, through prayer and study; how the
    parish can best collaborate with our Bishop in carrying out the mission of the Church.
    Long-range planning is an essential part of the work of this consultative body.
‣ Parish Finance Council
    ‣ The Parish Finance Council is comprised of parishioners with knowledge and expertise
    in financial matters selected by the Pastor. The group meets regularly with the Pastor to
    discuss financial concerns of the parish including income, expenses, short- and longterms
    projects, and financial planning.
‣ Holy Name School Advisory Council
    ‣ The Holy Name School Advisory Council has members representing each of the
    following five areas: (1) parents; (2) alumni/parents of alumni; (3) leaders within civic,
    business and professional communities; (4) area educators and/or religious leaders; and
    (5) parishioners. Those interested in serving on the council and are asked to submit a
    letter of interest to the Pastor or to the Principal of Holy Name School.
‣ Collection Counters
    ‣ Counters are parishioners selected by the Pastor to assist in counting the donations from
    Mass offerings and parish collections. They usually meet once a week at a scheduled time.