709 Hanover Street, Fall River MA 02720-3798
Parish Center: 508-679-6732    
FAX NUMBER -508-675-4755


Holy Name Parish Office of Faith Formation and Youth Ministry 

850 Pearce Street, Fall River, MA 02720-5534 
Telephone Number: 508-678-7532 
 Faith Formation e-mail: 
 Youth Ministry e-mail: 

 Holy Name Parish School

850 Pearce Street, Fall River, MA 02720-5534
Telephone Number: 508-674-9131
Fax Number: 508-679-0571


Our parish staff is here to assist you in your spiritual needs and seeks to work with our pastor, Fr. Jay, in helping in the daily operation of our parish and school.  If you need to contact them, please use the links below to e-mail them...

Rev. Jay T. Maddock, Pastor & School Director         

Fr. James Fitzpatrick In Residence                               

Rev. Richard Furlong, Assisting Priest                                  

Mr. Patrick McNabb, Director of Faith Formation

Dr. Patricia Wardell, School Principal                         

Mrs. Diane Baron, Parish Secretary                            

Mr. Erik Thompson, Music Director / Organist          

Visiting Priest— Fr. Dave Marcham


Ultimate Browsers Support                                                 MISSION STATEMENT 

Holy Name Parish is a Eucharistic Family of Faith, united with Catholic people throughout the world. Nourished by Word and Sacrament, we strive to help each member grow in their Faith. We seek to imitate Christ by assisting others in their spiritual and material needs, as we journey toward achieving our ultimate goal of eternal life


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